Carolina Franchise Holdings, a Burger King franchisee with 45 quick-service restaurant locations, faced the challenge of managers spending excessive time creating labor schedules without proper controls. This resulted in high labor costs and non-sensical schedules, impacting operational efficiency.



To overcome this challenge, Carolina Franchise Holdings implemented Franchise Data Solutions’ (FDS) labor scheduling solution. FDS introduced a system with controls and predefined rules, requiring approvals at different stages. This allowed managers to create schedules within defined guardrails, ensuring optimized labor allocation.



The implementation of FDS’s labor scheduling solution resulted in lower and more predictable labor costs for Carolina Franchise Holdings. The solution’s controls and rules improved efficiency by eliminating non-sensical schedules. Labor cost forecasting provided accurate projections, enabling better budgeting and cost management. The franchisee achieved optimized labor allocation, leading to improved profitability and operational efficiency across their 45 Burger King locations.

FDS provides robust analytics that have helped multi-location businesses achieve remarkable results: on average, 5 new openings per year, a 6% increase in profitability, and 15+ hours saved weekly.