Data Consolidation and Enrichment

Single Source of Truth

We connect all of your organization’s scattered data sources from multiple locations and unify them into a single, accessible data hub. 

Through FDS, your organization unlocks:


Completely flexible integration options

Support for any integration type, including via API, legacy web applications, file upload, email attachments, and more.

Data Sources

Scalability for the future

Ability to handle large volumes of historical data and accommodate future data growth.


Data validation & cleaning

 Automated checks to ensure data accuracy and consistency.


Customized data transformation logic

Calculate important KPI’s which are not directly provided in the raw data.

Access all of this data through our FDS Reporting Platform.

Data Enrichment

Gain a greater understanding of your performance through our data enrichment services. With data enrichment, we augment your raw data with additional, contextually relevant information using advanced techniques like data mining and machine learning.

This process might include adding demographic data to customer records, weather data to sales records, or custom inputs providing multi-dimensional analysis capabilities.

Data Warehouse as a Service

Have your own analytics tools and BI solution? No problem. We also provide data warehousing as a service.

Whether you opt to use our custom reporting solutions or are currently using an existing business intelligence platform, a data warehouse with FDS is fully compatible with any reporting platform.

Your data warehouse also scales with your business with our affordable subscription-based model, and is designed to handle large volumes of data, reconcile with historical data, and drive forecasting insights for future business growth.

Ready to take control?

Experience the confidence and control that comes with harnessing the full potential of your data.