How Mambo & PJW Rapidly Connected New Data Sources for Strategic Adjustments


Mambo and PJ Wheelihans, two full-service restaurant chains with 40+ locations, faced a challenge when onboarding a new delivery service mode. The absence of reporting infrastructure for the new sales channel hindered their ability to gain visibility into its performance, respond rapidly to scheduling, and understand its impact on operations.


To address this challenge, Mambo and PJW leaned on its partnership with Franchise Data Solutions (FDS). FDS swiftly onboarded the new delivery service as a data source within approximately one week. They seamlessly integrated the data into the existing reporting framework, providing real-time insights and customized reporting to meet the unique needs of both restaurant groups.


The implementation of FDS’s solution provided Mambo and PJW with critical visibility into the performance of the new delivery service mode. Real-time reporting enabled them to respond rapidly to scheduling needs, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences. The integrated reporting system also allowed them to understand the impact of the data on their overall operations, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic adjustments.

Through their collaboration with FDS, Mambo and PJW maximized the potential of this new delivery sales channel, driving operational awareness across their organizations.

FDS provides robust analytics that have helped multi-location businesses achieve remarkable results: on average, 5 new openings per year, a 6% increase in profitability, and 15+ hours saved weekly.