How Pieology Gained Data Visibility Across the Organization


Pieology, a popular pizza franchise with 110+ locations, faced the challenge of not having an enterprise-wide analytics solution to manage its growing data. Data was scattered across multiple sources, making it difficult for stakeholders to obtain timely and accurate insights for decision-making.


To address this challenge, Pieology partnered with Franchise Data Solutions (FDS), a software company specializing in helping franchises improve control over their results by providing fully customized reporting strategies and solutions. Leveraging the FDS Reporting Platform, Pieology implemented a comprehensive data management strategy that centralized data from various silos and automated reporting across all Pieology departments.


The implementation of the FDS Reporting Platform provided Pieology’s stakeholders (including investors, executive leadership, managers, analysts, and franchisees) with daily access to clean, actionable data. Investors could monitor KPIs and evaluate financial performance, while executive leadership gained operational insights for strategic planning. Analysts had readily available data for in-depth analysis, and franchisees could make informed decisions to drive profitability at their locations.

With FDS, Pieology was able to break free from the limitations of their legacy data systems and migrate to a modern cloud-based analytics platform that is built to scale. The organization now prides itself on making data-driven decisions across all segments of the business.

FDS provides robust analytics that have helped multi-location businesses achieve remarkable results: on average, 5 new openings per year, a 6% increase in profitability, and 15+ hours saved weekly.