Empowering Multi-Location Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide to FDS


In today’s fast-paced business environment, data is not just a resource; it serves as the very backbone of decision-making. The difference between an organization that effectively harnesses its data and one that overlooks its potential can be stark. 

Unfortunately, the domain of business analytics and data management is complex and always evolving. It requires not only attention but also expertise. This is where Franchise Data Solutions (FDS), a leader in custom analytics solutions for multi-location businesses, steps in.

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“Our mission is to transform data chaos into coherent, actionable business intelligence, enabling businesses to navigate their data with confidence and precision.”

Garrett Sider
Founder of FDS

With a focus on multi-location businesses, FDS understands the unique challenges and opportunities these organizations face. We believe the right data, presented in the right way at the right time, can be transformative. Whether it’s consolidating disparate data sources, customizing reporting to reveal hidden insights, or streamlining operations with advanced tools, FDS provides a tailored approach. Our solutions are not cookie-cutter but are as varied and dynamic as the businesses we serve.

Through our comprehensive suite of services, FDS does not just supply data; we provide clarity and direction. This blog will explore how FDS stands apart in business analytics, detailing our services, approach, and undeniable impact on our clients’ success.

The FDS Origin Story: Addressing a Market Gap

FDS was founded on a realization: most multi-location operators lack the organizational structure or resources to effectively analyze their data. This challenge is not unique to a few but is a common thread across the franchising world. Businesses are swamped with data but lack the support and tools to use it meaningfully. This gap in the market became the catalyst for FDS’ inception.

Garrett Sider, the driving force behind FDS, observed this firsthand. “Every employee, across each organization, was doing the same time-consuming process of manually pulling data together,” he noted. The need was clear: a solution that could centralize and simplify data analysis for these businesses. 

Initially, the approach was low-tech, using basic tools like Excel. However, as the concept proved its worth, the vision became more ambitious. FDS brought on engineers and data scientists to develop a sophisticated web application. FDS evolved into more than just a tool; it became a comprehensive management solution, addressing the analytics and data challenges faced by franchisees and multi-location business owners.

Tailoring Data Solutions: How FDS Empowers Businesses

In building the right solution for multi-location businesses, FDS honed in on the 3 major unique challenges that operators face while navigating this type of business model:

  1. Maintaining operational consistency across a geographically widespread portfolio.
  2. Keeping remote teams laser-focused on the right priorities and ensuring they are spending their time effectively.
  3. Leading a layered management structure with employees of varying degrees of skill sets.

We start by connecting all your disparate data sources. This foundational step ensures that all relevant data is accessible and ready for analysis. Automating this process is essential to ensure managers can concentrate on value-added tasks, alleviating them from onerous responsibilities. Allow us to manage that for you. Our expertise lies in effectively consolidating diverse data sources, providing a unified view that is both comprehensive and comprehensible. 

As Garrett Sider puts it, “It’s really an end-to-end analytics solution, starting with building an automated data pipeline. Our team works closely with clients to identify and structure data appropriately for their needs. This process is fully managed by us, ensuring clean data for analytics, relieving clients from the complexities of data management.”

Next, our custom reporting stands out for its precision and effectiveness. By understanding our client’s operational processes and organizational structure, FDS works with our clients to craft reports that are not just numbers on a page, but strategic tools that offer deep insights and actionable recommendations.

How Flagstop Gained More Insight From Their Data Through Enrichment

Discover how Flagstop Car Wash transformed its data insights and operational efficiency by leveraging the FDS custom analytics and reporting platform.

Our approach to reporting addresses the specific challenges of multi-location management by:

  1. Ensuring accessibility to clean data and consistency in reporting across the organization.
  2. Establishing routines around data by automating daily summary reports, weekly trend reports, and monthly business reviews.
  3. Allowing owners to clearly communicate expectations by setting budgets and KPI targets.
  4. Increasing accountability through transparency gives managers a straightforward understanding of their performance.
  5. Assisting all levels of management to make use of data through reports tailored to their role.


Reporting is obviously a critical component, but FDS goes even a step further with its additional advanced operational tools, like labor scheduling and maintenance tracking. These modules are designed specifically for multi-layered organizations that require checks and balances and guardrails for lower-level management. These tools integrate seamlessly into our clients’ reporting suite, further ensuring better employee productivity and results.

In addition to our software platform, we offer consulting services. If you have a specific data or analytics project in mind, this is for you. We bring our wealth of experience to help businesses navigate the complexities of data analytics. Our consultants work closely with clients, offering personalized advice and strategies on specific projects to drive results.

Key Benefits and Features of FDS’s Services

Our approach is not just about managing data – it’s about empowering teams at all levels by giving them the tools to transform data into action. 

Here’s a closer look at the key benefits and features:

  • Informed Decision-Making: FDS’s analytics tools convert complex data sets into clear, actionable insights. This empowers all employees to make well-informed decisions quickly, enhancing the business’ overall agility in a competitive market.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: By simplifying data management and reporting processes, FDS helps businesses save significant time and resources. This efficiency translates into reduced operational costs and improved profitability.
  • Adaptability and Growth: FDS’s solutions are designed to scale with the business, ensuring their utility and relevance grow as the business expands.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Real-world success stories from clients, like those in the fast-food industry, demonstrate the practical impact of FDS’s solutions in various business scenarios.


FDS’s approach is personalized, focusing on delivering measurable results. Plus, it’s easy to integrate. As the lead engineer from FDS puts it, “You’re not just avoiding the cost of hiring expensive consultants or data scientists; you’re investing in a reasonably priced solution that layers seamlessly and effortlessly on top of your existing infrastructure.”

Real-World Success Stories

FDS’s ability to transform business operations is best illustrated through our client success stories. These case studies showcase FDS’s expertise and the tangible results achieved.

  • End-to-End Analytics Overhaul for a Franchisor in the Pizza Space: One of FDS’s success stories involves a major pizza franchise. Initially, this client had no substantial data infrastructure. Their collaboration with FDS revolutionized their operations. Improvements included integrating all point-of-sale, labor, guest feedback, loyalty membership, and 3rd party audit data and building a reporting suite to support all verticals within the organization.
  • Labor Management for a Multi-Location Burger King Operator: FDS tackled labor-management issues for a client struggling with out-of-control labor costs. By implementing FDS’s labor scheduler coupled with transparent labor reporting, they gained more control over scheduling and shift execution, leading to improved operational efficiency.
  • Due Diligence to Support a Major Portfolio Acquisition: Another notable engagement involved a client working on a major portfolio acquisition. FDS partnered with this client to assist in the due diligence process, taking mountains of data and making sense of it. Through this engagement, the client was able to quantify the customer lifetime value of the acquisition’s existing customer base and understand the overall health of the business.


These varied examples of client success stories demonstrate FDS’s versatility and effectiveness in addressing a wide range of business challenges and opportunities.

“I can’t imagine starting my day without all the information that’s provided in my FDS report.”

Juan Carlos
Burger King Franchise Owner

A Strategic Move for Data-Driven Success

Choosing FDS for your business analytics needs offers several distinct advantages:

  • Custom Solutions: Unlike off-the-shelf products, FDS provides solutions specifically designed to meet each client’s unique requirements, ensuring optimal effectiveness.
  • Quick and Responsive Service: FDS prides itself on offering responsive and timely support, starkly contrasting the often delayed response times associated with large tech companies.
  • Hands-On Partnership Approach: FDS goes beyond providing tools; we engage in a hands-on partnership, working closely with clients to address their needs and challenges.
  • Operational Excellence: FDS helps refine operational processes, enabling businesses to measure, gain visibility, and continuously improve their operations.
  • Responsive Issue Resolution: Addressing issues swiftly is a key component of FDS’s service. They ensure that concerns are heard and addressed promptly, preventing small issues from escalating into larger problems.


Choosing FDS means opting for a partner who understands the nuances of your business, responds swiftly to your needs, and continually works to enhance your data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Garrett Sider elaborates on their unique approach: “We differentiate ourselves by combining operational processes with measurement and visibility, leading to continuous improvement. This hands-on partnership is something you seldom find with big tech products.”

The FDS Promise for Future-Ready Businesses

FDS offers comprehensive data analytics solutions that cater to the unique needs of multi-location businesses. Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology with a deep understanding of business operations, delivering solutions that are not only effective but also scalable and future-ready, ensuring that businesses are equipped to evolve and grow in an ever-changing market.

FDS is the ideal partner for businesses poised to harness the full potential of their data and seek meaningful growth. Engaging with FDS transcends the typical client-service provider relationship; it is an alliance with a strategic collaborator focused on your long-term success.

We encourage you to contact us to discover how we can help propel your operations and strategic goals to new heights.

FDS provides robust analytics that have helped multi-location businesses achieve remarkable results: on average, 5 new openings per year, a 6% increase in profitability, and 15+ hours saved weekly.